lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

Iron Maiden más cerca que nunca?

Miren lo que pusieron en su web (

From our Latin America Promoters Evenpro Press Release...

We have no doubt whatsoever that IRON MAIDEN is special to Latin America and Latin America is special to IRON MAIDEN. Allow us to explain...

What was achieved by both the band and their fans earlier this year in Latin America was unheard of ... over 250,000 tickets were sold in less than a week, thus setting box office records across the region. Within an 18 day time period the band covered 7 countries, played 9 concerts and flew over 15,000 miles (25,500 kilometers). No artist, no band had ever done this before. Period. With their incredible, high energy shows selling out well in advance and the insane reaction from their fans to this very classic and timeless show...Somewhere Back in Time, the question at the end of the tour was, "Should we do it again?".

And the answer from all sides was... DAMN RIGHT WE DO IT AGAIN! ... and along with returning to some of our favourite places let's play some other cities and countries too.

So in 2009 IRON MAIDEN and their fans will once again make rock and roll history in Latin America by breaking some rules, setting new records, and going to places that are normally off the usual touring route. MAIDEN will embrace Latin America like none have before. This tour will cross ancient ruins, the Amazon Jungle, The Andes and the Middle of the World! MAIDEN will revisit cities played in 2008 in even bigger venues and a rev-ed up show full of surprises. And together with their fans they will celebrate the end of their incredible SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR.

We are proud & honored to be a part of this adventure...again! Let's get to work and have some fun! Up the Irons!

Que se animen los empresarios, que ya demostramos ser un público que llena estadios! Up the peruvian irons!

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